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"Happy Mother's Day" Candle Box, Personalized Gift For Mom
"Happy Mother's Day" Candle Box, Personalized Gift For Mom
"Happy Mother's Day" Candle Box, Personalized Gift For Mom
"Happy Mother's Day" Candle Box, Personalized Gift For Mom

"Happy Mother's Day" Candle Box, Personalized Gift For Mom

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Love you, Mom!

A beautiful personalized candle box makes a great Mother’s Day gift! Each box comes with a candle in the scent of your choice, with a personalized label and greeting card for that extra special touch. This Candle Box will be a present that will touch your loved one's heart and be a meaningful keepsake for years to come.

Express your love to Mom this Mother’s Day!


  • 7.4 or 8.8 oz scented candle with a cotton wick 
  • Personalized greeting card "Happy Mother's Day" with your love message
  • Decorations add-ons as picture shown. Ready to ship as a gift!


Hickory wood & Tobacco leaves: The aroma of hickory wood is an extremely compelling, warm, deep note, adding a slight spiciness of tobacco leaves and the mildness of green tea awakening the whole senses.

Fresh mint & Teakwood: This blend of fresh mint, cool cucumber, warm thyme, and teak wood fragrance lets a unique and special experience.

Sandalwood & Oak: The scent of sandalwood fragrance note, the warm fulfillment scent of oak wood with a gentle touch of magnolia and thyme. 

Baked cinnamon apple: A cozy kitchen with apple and cinnamon aroma.  A blend of Oat, Brown Sugar, Apple & Cinnamon, sprinkled with Grated Nutmeg for a "Freshly Baked" fragrance

Winter Forest: A blend of pine resin, mistletoe, tangerine, holly, birch, and white musk & sweet vanilla created strong, warm but also sweet notes.

Maple Butterscotch: The combination of sweet brown sugar caramel and honey, gentle hazelnut, and warm maple syrup scents invoke the sweet taste of butterscotches.

Fresh mint & Vanilla: If you need an aroma to make your place more lively, to reduce stress, and to shower your soul with fragrance - it is a perfect choice - a classic candy cane flavored mint and vanilla of smell.

White tea musk: It is the elegant mixture of white tea - a highly premium tea - and thyme. This fragrance is tender, misty, and delicate. It's a unique gift and ornament which will satisfy every candle-holic!

Persimmon & Orange Blossom: Combination of a little bit spicy yet refreshing Orange Blossom and mildly sweet ripe Autumn Persimmon. 

Red Currant & Vanilla: This scented candle is composed of feminine white narcissus blossom, mildly sour red currant, and sweet vanilla. This fragrance is misty and elegant.

Relaxing Lavender: It is composed of fresh lavender, eucalyptus, and mint. It's the perfect blending of various natural herbs for healthy sleep and de-stressing.

Sandalwood & Thyme: It is the perfect symphony composed of five notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, thyme, mint, and moss. The deep and warm fragrance of wood combines with pear's cool essence to create an attractive and luxurious aroma that will soothe its users after a stressful, exhausting day.

Apple & Oak: It is the combination of apple essence and natural wood and moss aroma of oak wood. This fragrance is mild and tender.

Arabica Coffee: Planted on windy and sunny plateaus, the scent of Arabica is not as strong as Robusta coffee, but it is something that makes people fall in love with it once in a while.