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Running a handmade store is a collective effort, with members of the team consistently working behind-the-scenes to keep operations running smoothly.
Lewindy is made by women, and for women.
Therefore, International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to introduce you to some of the women involved in the different aspects of our business. It’s also a way for us to get to know more about each other!
She is the one in charge of creating and shaping the style and design of our handmade items before presenting them to the embroidery workshop. 
She normally talks with the team about forthcoming ideas and trends, and they all start drawing and coloring the designs together. It takes them days, if not weeks, to complete a single pattern.
And then, when they have completed the design, they transmit it to the Embroidery Workshop to begin modeling the items.
Of course, how to transform those stunning drawings into real-life things is just as vital.
Take a closer look at their hand-embroidered products. Those women, together with their passion and love for the workart, are what allows us to proudly offer those exquisite goods to you!
Thank you to all of the artists, designers, and craftspeople who have created such wonderful things for us. 
Not but not least, thank you for always supporting us on our journey : )
Have you got to know more about the ladies who make our products? If you're still curious, we'll disclose it to you in the near future.
DON'T FORGET the upcoming "ONE PRICE DAY" on March 11. We're here waiting for you. Have a nice week ahead!
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