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When it's time to replace your cloth face masks?

It's been two years since the pandemic began, and your fabric face masks may need to be replaced. Face masks have become as much a part of many people's wardrobes as underwear or socks. 
If you're getting rid of your old socks and underwear, it might be time to replace your cotton face masks as well.

And, if needed, there're a wide range of choices here for you to choose!

Wearing a Worn-Out Mask Can Be Dangerous

Even though cotton masks are less efficient than surgical masks, many people depend on them during the pandemic. Especially, if you have a strong passion on fashion and handmade items as hand embroidery masks, it's hard to resist from the stylish and beautiful patterns of line face masks.

However, when these cotton face masks become old or worn out, they become even less effective. Well-worn face masks may not prevent you as effectively as a fresh, newer face mask. Your beloved linen mask may grow discolored or frayed over time.

Is it time to replace your masks?

There is no hard and fast rule for determining when to replace your cloth face masks. However, you can follow these 4 steps to inspect your face masks
Step 1: Check to see if the elastic bands around your ears are still fit.
Step 2: Check to see if the nose bridge has pierced the fabric of your mask.
Step 3: Hold the cloth up to the light to check whether certain spots seem thinner than others.
Step 4: Hold a spray bottle up to the face mask and check to see whether water permeates the cloth.
Don't donate face masks that are no longer in good condition. Cloth masks can only protect you from airborne infections if they are thick enough; tattered masks are no longer functional.

How to Protect Your Fabric Masks 

And lastly, to keep your cloth masks last longer, follow these instructions so that you do not need to replace them too frequently.

  • Use a gentle cycle while washing
  • Hang the masks to dry
  • Alternate between a selection of clean masks
  • Invest in a plastic face bracket to wear under your mask
  • Wear a surgical mask under your cloth mask for extra protection

As we adapt to a new normal in which masks are the norm, we must also develop new hygiene habits to ensure that our masks are safe and effective. If it's time to ditch some of your older masks, consider investing in new masks with at least three layers.

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