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7 Clever Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Mother's Day Party

When is Mother's Day this year 2022? This yeark, Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 8th. Only a month away!


Of course, Mother's Day is not the only day to tell the "mom" in your life that you adore her, whether she is an adopted Mom, a step-Mom, or a big sister, but you know, it's a special occasion for you to celebrate.

It's fantastic that you're able to enjoy the day together, especially given the difficult time we've had throughout the epidemic. If you are unable to visit Mom in person this year, here are 8 ways to make Mother's Day memorable at a distance.

Get dressed up

It sounds weird as it is not an office meeting. The idea of getting into something less comfortable may feel strange at first, but dressing up as if you were going to brunch may truly lift your mood. Get the whole family involved; sometimes we all just need an excuse to put on something nice... even if we're not leaving the house.


Order in

Look for takeout and delivery alternatives at your local restaurants as soon as possible. Many restaurants may feature a special menu for Mother's Day, but you may need to order ahead. Don't forget about the order deadlines!


The cuisine is a little fancier (who couldn't use a break from home cooked meals at this point? ), and you can all eat at the same time and it feels special, even if your virtual call-mates are eating different things. Plus, you get the additional advantage of telling the rest of the family how delicious everything is. 

Or sync your menus


Get everyone on the same page on what to make for the virtual get-together – we have a list of some of our favorites. Everyone can contribute dish ideas, and then everyone can work together to create a tasty brunch or dinner menu. Prepare Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Pasta Bake, Steak with Eggplant and Peppers, Lemony Herb Roast Chicken...or any dishes your Mom lovesk, then swap notes as everyone enjoys the meal. 

Make your own playlist

Make a playlist with all of mom's favorite music or set the tone with a mix of feel-good songs – platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Youtube make it simple. You can play it in the background during your virtual hangout and share it with all of the call participants. Plus, the playlist can serve as a virtual mixtape for years to come.

Decorate just a little


So, while you may not have access to balloons, streamers, or a store-bought Mother's Day banner, you can do a lot more than you think. Create a tiny banner from old cloth napkins, fabric pieces, or even paper. Cut the cloth into squares, diamonds, or triangles and glue them to thread or yarn to make a bunting. On each form, write or paint a message or design.

You may also take some flowers from outdoors and use them to decorate now that it's spring. Tape fresh blossoms to the wall behind you with colorful washi tape to build a simple floral installation, or make a floral chandelier by stitching through the flower stems (with white thread or fishing line).

 Add edible flowers

When you top a simple lemonade or a bespoke cocktail or mocktail with edible flowers, it becomes restaurant-level fancy. Pick up food-grade blossoms at your local farm stand or grocery shop (can't locate them? Herbs are a lovely option.) Freeze them into ice cubes to add a festive touch to whatever you're drinking.

Create a photo slideshow

It's so much more fun than a work presentation! Use the screen-share function to show off a little slideshow full of favorite family pictures. Pull from your digital albums or scan a few photos to create a keepsake that not only entertains mom on Mother's Day, but will be a special present for years to come.


Although these are simply a few simple ways to honor your mother on her special day (regardless of your budget or distance from her), the most important thing to remember when celebrating from afar is that it is the sentiment that matters. Did you remember to give her a call? Did you send a handwritten message or a card? Did you notify her of your plans to meet her months in advance? Whatever you do, whether you were attentive about the day will make all the difference and be something your mom recognizes - whether it's a particular present, a long FaceTime call, or a thoughtful note.

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